Welcome to Sweet Noms Boutique.

I have more than 15 years of experience working with a variety of Confectionery Mediums, from Gumpaste to Fondant, Buttercream to Ganache. Making desserts and sweet baked goods is my passion and joy. Take a look at my Products and Services page to see a small selection of what I offer as well as their prices.

I do my best to source the most wholesome and natural ingredients. I prefer to use vanilla beans, whole eggs, and butter. I  make select Vegan, Egg-Free, and Dairy-free cakes upon request. I  do my utmost to accommodate dietary needs, because everybody deserves to have something sweet and decadent to enjoy.

My focus at Sweet Noms Boutique is to provide you with something sweet that will make your day Extraordinary.

I am regularly making new items, so check out my Instagram and Facebook page, so you can stay updated on what I am baking up in the kitchen*.

*Although I take pictures of almost all the products I make, sometimes I am too busy to upload and update my social media, and website. I also have to respect my clients’ request for privacy as all my cakes are custom made by request, so not all cakes and sweets that I have made will be available for viewing.


Products and Services

Macaron – 1 dozen                                                                                   16.00$

1 dozen macaron sandwiches, with a choice of white chocolate* or dark chocolate* ganache filling. Colour(s) can be customized**.

 Meringue – 1 dozen                                                                                  12.00$

1 dozen bags of meringues(4 meringues per bag). Colour(s)** and flavour** can be customized. Packaging can be customized.

 Éclair – 1 dozen                                                                                15.00$

1 dozen eclairs, with choice of vanilla or chocolate buttercream filling, topped with a coating of chocolate ganache. Choice of white*, milk*  or dark chocolate* ganache. Decorations such as sprinkles* or silver*/gold* confetti can be added to the top of eclairs.


  • Regular – 1 dozen                                                                                  16.00$
  • Mini – 1 dozen                                                                                          12.00$                                                                                               

A box of 1 dozen cupcakes with Buttercream. Choice of cake flavour : Vanilla*, Chocolate*, Funfetti*, Red Velvet*, Strawberry*. Buttercream colour(s) can be customized**. Custom topping options include : Sprinkles*, Mini meringues*, Candies***, Ripple (Fruit)***, Chocolate drip*.

Drop / Chip Cookies – 1 dozen                                                                             13.00$

1 dozen cookies, individually packaged . Add in(s) can be customized per dozen. Choice of Chocolate Chips*(White*, Milk*, Dark*, mini M&M’s*) or Sprinkles*. Toffee bits*** or Nuts*** can be added upon special request.

 Sugar Cookie (3”- 4”) –  1 dozen                                                                                 17.00$

A box of individually packed sugar cookies in a seasonal shape/theme with royal icing decorations*. Customized design options**  and colors** upon request.

 Cake  – Servings options below .

  • Each Cake is 4 layers with buttercream filling, buttercream frosting, & simple decorations*.
  • Includes Choice of 1-3 colors of frosting*.
  • Cake flavour options : Vanilla*, Chocolate*, Funfetti*, Red Velvet*
  • Colour(s) can be customized**.
  • Buttercream/Fondant colour(s) can be customized**.
  • Servings are estimates only.

Non-Tiered Round

Cake – Size Servings Buttercream Price Fondant Price
8” Round 12  22$  31$
10” Round 20  32$  42$
12” Round 28  39$  52$

Tiered Round

Cake – Size Servings Buttercream Price Fondant Price
6” & 8” Round 20  34$  47$
8” & 10” Round 32  47$ 64$
10” & 12” Round 48  64$  87$
6” & 8” & 10” Round 40  63$  86$
8” & 10” & 12” Round 60  83$  114$

* No extra charge.
** 1-2 colors or flavorings at no extra charge.
*** 2.50 $ more, per dozen.


If you would like to get in touch with me for a question, quote or to place an order,  please feel free to fill in all the required fields below. I will try to respond within 24-48 hours. The more details that you can give me the faster and easier it will be for me to respond to your request.

Have an awesome day,